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Custom Tattoos, Free Hand Tattoos in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania

Trust professional tattoo artist Accents In Ink for services such as custom tattoos and free hand tattoos in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania. Call (412) 563-8281now and learn more about our black and grey tattoos.
Lower Back Tattoo, Free Hand Tattoos in Castle Shannon, PA
Custom Tattoos
You'll find a lot of talent at Accents In Ink, but unfortunately mind reading is not possible. So, for a custom tattoo you are encouraged to bring in some form of reference to what the final product should resemble. Client and artist need to be on the same page throughout the conceptual stage right up to the inking process. Share your thoughts by contacting us today.

Free Hand Tattoos
This service can be incredibly useful for those who want to cover or otherwise alter an existing tattoo. It is possible for Accents In Ink to create a stencil of the design you desire.
Care of a Tattoo
Once your new tattoo is completed, it's highly recommended the art remain bandaged for at least 2 hours and then washed with a mild soap. We then encourage you to use A+D® Ointment, applying twice daily for 3 days, and then using an unscented moisturizer.
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